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30 march 2011 = 11  adjustment/justice

Poetry month comes to its end today... Thanks NaPoWriMo 
for supporting this months experience. I feel wealthy
in word and spirit.
maple dreamin
 slumber glides the dream in surreal streams
 fills the room chases out the real
 for the new reel of dreamtime

Seconds of hours roll between fluttered eyelids
beam a story told in staccato
Slow motion carves a view of you over there
over there then. over there in the nowhere
of surreal streams of dreams that tell a story 
of the reel of the dream in unreal time
 fluttering between my eyelids dreamin the dream


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Words and Silence

Good morning Spring.  So what if you’re a little chilly on my skin, the Sun eases the nip.  I decided to sit here and see what happens when I give myself to this morning moment.  Let words ease out of me with the Sun rising behind the pines, as the thin layer of frost melts away.  Let the silence settles into my body and mind waiting to let the words roll out here with you.

Words are powerful.  What I say, what you say, has impact on someone, something, somewhere. IMO.  I desire to be mindful of my varied rants and idle drivel.  I don’t always feel success-full as I’m a chatty girl (shush about it) and am given to speaking before I consider how I might come across or impact other.    I have a desire to share knowledge and give advise.  It can be a fine line when that is unwelcome to the receiver.  and… maybe my advise is not what you need to hear.  Maybe.. just maybe…very likely… it works better by asking questions that lead you to your own discovery, your own answers that ignite your own wisdom.  For example, rather than tell you my experience of relationships, ask you what yours are and what worked for you in the past.  Get you thinking about that for yourself.    I’m of the mind that self discovery is yours for the asking.  Your truth is what you decided it to be.

I feel it’s also important to speak to my truth and share what I feel about how you/life/the world impact me.   Silence has it’s importance. Silence can leave me void of self care, so full up of what I need to share, I’m sick with holding it in.   I’ll burst if I don’t break the silence.  I’m scared I won’t be loved if I share what’s really going on with me.  Hiding in silence is not like embracing silent moments for the opportunity for prayer, or meditation; some contemplative moment that needs calm and quiet so intention can be heard on deeper levels or with your God, your Source, your Oneness, your heart knowledge.  Contemplative silence is as important as breaking the silence of words that need to be spoken.

What needs saying in your life that is bursting to be said?  How does silence become a sacred experience for you?  Can you believe that you will be loved for all of who you are when speak your truth?


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Take Me Back To The Sixties

Take Me Back To The Sixties.


It is irresistible to share this.  Enjoy it…

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thought on Conservatism. whew

GG HERE.    25 march ‘11


Popzee, that would be the-man-that-is-as-closest-to-any-father-I-have-ever-had, answered my call of ‘What topics would ya’ll might like me to chat about?.”

He said talk about Conservatism.   whew…   that Popzze wants to crowd my liberal disposition.  Do I dare?  Of course.  I don’t think this is profound thought going on here, simply my opinion.  We all have one.  I’d probably rather talk about dirt than this.  And.. I felt the challenge and took it on for my Popzee.

The first thing that comes up for me is that I’m not so conservative in many areas of my life. And… I am not as ‘out there’ as your imagination might take you to imagine.

I look forward to responses… let’s see what happens.

Here is one definition from Webster’s dictionary.


a : the principles and policies of a Conservative party

b : the Conservative party

2 a : disposition in politics to preserve what is established

b : a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change; specifically : such a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual financial responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or health-care coverage)

3: the tendency to prefer an existing or traditional situation to change


I intend to reflect on 2b for my discussion here.   I have no quibble with this definition.  I just don’t agree with it all.  Isn’t it nice we can all state our differing opinions?

Let me begin with “the political philosophy based on tradition and social stability.”

Whose traditions anyway? In a country that is a global melting pot and the diversity of traditions is huge, who decides which tradition is the right one?

“Social stability.”  I’m all for stability.

It would be nice in a perfect world if everyone were able to have enough money for simple sustainability.  i.e. Food, housing, health care, retirement.  This is not case.  I think of the planet as one giant global community and tho’ I do think the US sticks it’s nose in everyone else’s business without asking me, I’m of the mind to help my community.  Which likely means we all have will have to gather our pennies and share.

‘Limited Government regulation of business and investing’

Once again, if people played fair and considered their impact on their neighbors and the larger community we might not need regulation at all.  There is lots of greed and miss placed power out there that could give a rats ass on fairness and balance we have chosen to have government.  Lots of ‘chefs’ have to add their ingredients and express their power.  Little wonder it’s all a big mess and most of us can Not understand the ‘language’ it all gets written in any way.  I have no solution to it.  I invite you to be mindful and kind at all times.

Lets see…oh … ‘A strong national defense’.  I’m not a war person.  I know war has been going on since probably the beginning of time and it will continue.  My heart hurts for it.   People want to possess land, have freedom to do as they so believe they should, and state the rightness of their philosophies at the expense of all other freedoms and philosophies.   Agreeing to disagree seems to not fit in the equation of things when ‘boys’ want to bully and take over.  And lets not forget there are crazy mo-fos out there.  It takes one crazy to put a country into terror.

I don’t get it.  Never will.  So.. ‘a strong national defense?’  What are we defending that can’t be shared?  I’m probably not a good person to talk about this.

“…individual financial responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or health-care coverage)  I think I spoke a bit to that under ‘social stability’.

Really… when it all comes down to it, I’m of the mind and heart that being nice, kind, sharing is a good place to start.  Which isn’t to say, let the world and its dysfunctional people bulldoze you.  No.. speak your truth, find peace within yourself, give that peace to the world you live in.

As Ghandi said.. “BE the Peace you Wish To See.”





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geezer girl here.

SPRING….  My  fever is feeling ferocious as is per usual when winter melts her coat of white. Those  purple and yellow crocus and those sweet little white bell flowers poke  their hungry-for-the- sun heads up through that frigid earth, and I know the greening is on the way.  Sure, there is a winter storm alert.  What’s new with that in Michigan, in March, Right?  Nothing for us Mid-Westerners.

Make no mistake,  My inner greening is still taking place even if the outside world hasn’t caught up and I’m on alert for a big chill.  It will.  My spikey shoots are poking me in the gut and I’m thinking that I will  be flowering inside a little early letting the last linger of winter have a moment with me.

Within this Spring metaphor of mine, have you notice your own ‘greening’, your own budding up for a little colourful bouquet?   Have you noticed that when you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, or in this case all sprouty, flowery, and green inside, a blast of cold comes along and tries to wilt your high?  You could give into it, which doesn’t make you a bad person.  You might take notice of what direction it’s coming from and pay attention to that.  Does that ‘direction’, situation, person, have that much power over you that you let your ‘green’ down and wilt into the cosmos?  Or, might you revel in the Spring of you that is ready to burst forth and fill your creative energy up and out?

Simply, ride the Spring high that is flourishing inside of you.  Give yourself to the growing bouquet of color that waits to bloom forth from you.  Notice what brings you down and consider not letting it, them, that, whatever…drought you out and mess with your inner garden.

Bloom on…


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