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geezer girl here.

SPRING….  My  fever is feeling ferocious as is per usual when winter melts her coat of white. Those  purple and yellow crocus and those sweet little white bell flowers poke  their hungry-for-the- sun heads up through that frigid earth, and I know the greening is on the way.  Sure, there is a winter storm alert.  What’s new with that in Michigan, in March, Right?  Nothing for us Mid-Westerners.

Make no mistake,  My inner greening is still taking place even if the outside world hasn’t caught up and I’m on alert for a big chill.  It will.  My spikey shoots are poking me in the gut and I’m thinking that I will  be flowering inside a little early letting the last linger of winter have a moment with me.

Within this Spring metaphor of mine, have you notice your own ‘greening’, your own budding up for a little colourful bouquet?   Have you noticed that when you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, or in this case all sprouty, flowery, and green inside, a blast of cold comes along and tries to wilt your high?  You could give into it, which doesn’t make you a bad person.  You might take notice of what direction it’s coming from and pay attention to that.  Does that ‘direction’, situation, person, have that much power over you that you let your ‘green’ down and wilt into the cosmos?  Or, might you revel in the Spring of you that is ready to burst forth and fill your creative energy up and out?

Simply, ride the Spring high that is flourishing inside of you.  Give yourself to the growing bouquet of color that waits to bloom forth from you.  Notice what brings you down and consider not letting it, them, that, whatever…drought you out and mess with your inner garden.

Bloom on…


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