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29 april 2011 = 19 The Sun... my day

If ever a lil ditty was gonna happen on these here pages this would be it.  
I think ya’ll could dance a little jig to this one.  Give yourself to a 
lil southern act-scent and read twice out loud.


It’s my day 
and I’m ridin’ 

the segue
right to yer lil' 

ol' heart.

Dang two wheel

has a way of
that don’t make

no sense

It’s in the passin
It’s in the sassin

It’s even in tight
rope dancin’

that the get know
slides into the

ho ho
and it all gets
done just right

It’s my day 
and I’m tippin on 

the segue
speed demon on

the segue
soft spokin’on

the segue
romancin' on 

the seque
redeemin on 

the segue
smooth dancing on 

the segue
right up to yer

little ol’ heart

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28 april 2011  = 18   moon

This morning the poem wrote itself fast and first before 
my unusual intro. I realize I am now addicted to giving myself 
over to the poetry muse every morning.  It’s what starts my day 
and sends me out into the world.  Poetry month comes to a close and 
I am just beginning.  

the wind rocked the house
last night.
trembled me deep into 
folds of cover
it wrestled my dreams

into a flurry of April
storm grey
where the waters rise 
my breath is lost
to a drown

that consumes my
spring green
smothers my red buds
rails and rolls 
screams and hellions
the busy dreamers
hunger for silence.

it comes in Sun
light sheets
cast over the dreamers
drawing the drown
to another woman’s sea

awakened to silence
laid wide open
where the night
wrath is lost
to the rise of a new


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TAROT WISDOM.. it’s in the cards baby


The Fool says,
“jump into life.”

The Magi says
“There’s lots of
    tools to stir your pot”

The Empress says
“Go ahead let creation
     lead your way”

The Emperor says
“You have a whole kingdom
      to attend to”

The Hierophant says
“Have faith in your resources”

The Lovers say
“Love your own dang self”

The Charioteer says
“Lead with focus and intention”

Strength says
“Trust your instincts”

The Hermit says
“Gather your pieces, find
   what makes you whole”

The Wheel of Fortune says
“Stand in the center, push your edges”

Adjustment says
“Be fair, in an unjust world”

The Hang One says
“Look to life from another perspective”

Death says
“to let it die off lets it transform.
 Let the poo go.”

Art says
“Take the impossible, mix it with the

The Devil
“I’ll show you what can lead you
  astray so you can make better

The Tower says
“Be expansive; stay connected
   to your foundation.”

The Star says
“Be the conduit that connects
  spirit with earth

The Moon says
“Know your cycles, trust the

The Sun says
“Illuminate the corners of your

Judgment says
“Call forth all of yourself
  to be accountable.”

The Universe says
“You are enough as you are,
  You are Infinity waiting.

I say
“Shuffle it all up, crank that wheel of your life
take the leap, be creations tool.

oh ya.. and laugh loud, love hard, speak your truth.
get busy and live.


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26 april 2011  = 16   the tower

A friend asked me about projection.  I’m not talking astral, tho’ 
that was fun, I’m not talking the stock market, or the agriculture, 
or any of those future trends,  I’m not talking about putting a 
face on a screen or how far I can send my voice  ( I can get plenty loud)
 What I am about to do as I dig into my poetry sleuthing any minute now, 
is to see how I might, you might, we might project: emotions, past 
recollections,  desires onto another being.  Projections of this sort 
are not all bad, some serve a situation when forgiveness 
or thinking well of other is a far better choice than the opposite.  
And, IMO, often projection sets a situation up, or a person up, to be a 
story that is not relevant to the truth of what is happening right now.  
It’s  your story from some other time and place that now gets to be the 
forecast of a future that has now lost it’s potential and innocence to 
what you, me, we, imagined.  OH.. it’s so messy.  I think you get my drift, 
if not, ask and we can further discuss it.
It’s a large topic to chatter on about, least of all, gather the poetry 
buzz and slam one down here this a.m.  


Daddies always leave
and mommies cry.
Brother’s are mean
and you don’t get the why

Wrapped in a child’s
Wrapped in a child’s
Wrapped up in a story
of so long ago.

Men will always leave you
Women take the pain
The world is full of 
brothers that lay 
your heart to blame

Wrapped in a woman’s
Wrapped in a woman’s
Tied tight with the
assurance it’s likely how
it will go.

You lay it on your lover
you lay it on your friends
you lay the history of
you life
a story that never

Wrapped in a man’s
Wrapped in a man’s
what would it be
to tell this story like so

Daddies aren’t you sweetheart,
Mommies aren’t your friends
Brothers are silly people
that tease you till the end

Wrap yourself in wonder
Release yesterdays woe
Get yourself together
cause history will come
and go.

Be here now.


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NUMBERS AND THE DEVIL… did you do it?

Numbers. Whether it’s all about the math of this Infinite Universe that gives us information to the workings of it or, whether it’s the numbers that tease us into speculations and possibilities, I the GeGi, have found some interest in Numerology.  In this more, metaphysical, (kinda, maybe, sorta) approach to the world of numbers, I have found a certain comfort in there reliability in feeding me a certain kind of insight.  of course… it is all IMO.  (in my opinion).  Different numerologist approach it … well. ha.. differently.  For example today’s date might for one, be

added together and come to a ‘7’ day > 2+5=7.  for me, I take the whole darn date.  2+5+4(april)+2011 =  15.  Most, Numerologist like to bring all combinations of numbers to a 1-9 situation.  thus, 15, becomes 1+5 =6.  TADAh… today, for me, might be a ‘6’ were I that kind of numerologist.  The ‘6’ is important, make no doubt to that.  and.  for me so is the number ‘15’.

And… because I like the story telling of the Tarot cards, I bring them in on it too.  Yep, I like to stir it all together and make it really interesting.

Unfortunately, more explanation will fill your minds up with too much data and I am not going to give a lesson in it all this a.m. cause.. this really all about poetry.  Right?

‘15’ in the Tarot is the number for the Devil.  ooooooo ya.  Now, I don’t look to the Devil as necessarily a dark and evil force, tho’ he/she can be.   My Devil, at least for today, is a trickster.

A seducer into a way of thinking, that taunts and tantalizes you into, Maybe, going in opposition to what you normally might do.  He/she is that great excuse for why you broke the rules, or took a more negative path..  “The Devil made me do it.”  I think the Devil, your inner devil, invites you into challenging possibilities that force you to face yourself to find out just what kind of integrity you really have.   Face the ol’ demons and come out more powerful.

just sayin….

A devilish rhyme of silliness

A devlish sorta


Oh please, come out to


you know you want to.

Let’s break a few


just little ol’ me n’


you know you want to

What was that he


“You might as well be


you saw the color


He needs to die


you know you want to.

No, of course it’s wrong to


Did you think I thought you


even tho’ you want to

Could we just sorta


put him at ill


you know you want to

what’s this you


kill him with kindness

not make him


Let him get


you are NO fun


If that’s what you want to

then I’m outta here.


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EZ-STIR the pot

Distractions… The family celebrates.  I sip my coffee letting the sun and the lake glitter
to my left.  Candy Eggs, litter the room.  The dogs wander, hopeful for a drop.
The family chatters and I feel the comfort of togetherness.



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Goo Goo Googlin’

Have you searched yourself lately?

Taken the Google trip 

  a dive and a flip

   into that

search engine to find yourself.

I thought finding myself was

 a deeper issue.

I thought finding myself

would expand my self awareness

I though finding myself

would settle me in to the



 I am as I am 

Enough as I am

Present and accounted

for in the cosmic scheme

of the things that I am.

Then I got Googled

searched for myself

to find myself 

Cyber-punked out

splayed like an autopsy

across the pages of


Exposed and gutted

for all the Tweets,

the Facebooking,

the Geezering,

the Ruby Laning

the Crazy Wisdoming

the Hair Arting

the Taroting

I was inging my way

through myself

Google naïve and

a little thrilled

to find myself

Had I known that 

finding myself would

be this easy

I would have Googled

me a decade ago.


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Sometimes I wake up with this line or sentence that one of my many
muses demands I give myself to.  This was sort of like going into a dream
state and channeling the unknown only I know it very well. 
I just re-read it and tweaked the form of it a bit
 I leave the words as they came to me. yikes..

Putting it off forever

It’s right over there
That Thing that needs doing
I want to put it off forever

It’s in reaching distance
the tips of my fingers
trace its slick red surface

It smells of old metal
and days of vulnerability
given again and again

I want to put it off forever
       That Thing
           that needs doing.

Cause doing it puts
an old ache in my body
that leaves the touch 
of unrequited too close
to my surfaces.

It has shattered texture
that rasps at my skin
leaves hope raw and 
unattended to.

There is something in the
pain of it that holds forever
maybe it’s in the overwhelm
of it that sabotages possibilities
forever putting off the inevitable
dance of change.

Paradox is the sentinel to my

That Thing
just over there
in sight
smelling of blood 
ripping my flesh
shedding my hope
clipping my wings

Calls from dead dark
space to do what 
needs doing.

It’s the only way
to the Light.


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Mornin’!  First, I want to thank all of you who find your way here
to my little poetry blog fog.  I sincerely appreciate you taking
the time to indulge me.  LOL. 
I say ‘fog’ cause, each morning I reach outta my bleary eyes, hoping some
other seasonal/elemental event will stir my heart, my mind, my some-thing-
or-another up, laying some font down on these pages.  
And BTW, I was not planning this to be about poetry, or what I deem
of a poetic nature.  I was gonna talk some ‘Geezer’ talk… Share
the wisdom that comes when you’ve lived a day or two.  In a way
I guess I am if you read these poems as if they were about you.
It’s all about you after all.  Oh.. and me too.
Really, I’m just a ramblin’ on here cause I’m waiting for some 

HERE IT COMES.  I think it's gonna blow.

Inspiration comes 
while you wait for 

has no where 
that it can hide.
No where it can
slip away to avoid
You writhe around in it
every moment.

It waits for you 

It’s in the noticing
of it everywhere
in everything
that can feed
mystery’s hunger
pull you into yourself
to find yourself
high flying, nip
tuckin’ into that
seething lava of creative

Taste that golden
Ride your bike to
the Holy Grail.
Tickle that dragon
to the ground.
Wear Cerberus’s hats
to pass through your
  dark world
where Persephone
laid your seeds to
reach for the Sun

It is of mythic wonder
and magical thinking.

Inspiration waits
for you to notice
When you believe it
you will see it.


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Sleep didn’t come easy last night. And the GeGe needs her beauty

sleep I can tell you that. As metaphor is always to my liking, I

wondered if any of you think of the outside weather as something

that happens within you? LIke.. what does the thunder of you

have to say? Or, a light spring rain? Pull in what seems

outside of you, within you, and let those feelings give

you information. What’s stirring your Spring thunder?


The house rocked last night
it wasn’t Pink Floyd or
 Bruce Sprinstein,
It wasn’t Jimi Hendrix 
 on the gittar.
It wasn’t the Rolling Stones

It was the hard roll of 
  Spring Thunder
 shakin’ the house down

I wanted to like it.
I wanted to let the crash
 and bang of it 
 fill me up
with its sky jive.
Quiver the timber
 of me 
Watch the zig and zag
 of lightening
 rip the darkness apart
I wanted to feel the
 charge of Thunder
pillow talk me up.

The house rocked last night
 and rolled the dog beneath
 the sheets 
Pressed his trembles
and shudder
into my body.
He panted his desperation
all over me.

I covered my head with a 
It talked to me in quiet
It spoke to memories
of when storms and love 
rocked and shook the
house down.


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