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Who Fooled You?

DRAT…. Foolishly, I let the April Fool slip right on by.  I didn’t even bother to give her a  wave  and a “see ya next year here sister girl”,  cause he didn’t turn around to  see me anyway.   Was she trickin’ me?  mmmm…   I didn’t much like yesterday.  Glad it’s a new geezer day.  BE Here NOW.

I have this plan which is to write a Poem ever day for the month of April.  I’m Ambitious.  It is National Poetry MOnth.  I am part of an online writer’s group which my Creativity Coach mentor, Jill BAdonsky.. HI Jill… sends out writing prompts twice a week to encourage us writers to stir up our writing life and give ourselves to the ‘writer’s muse’.  I do my best to keep up with it.   Regardless… I’m gonna try my Geezer Girl best to give myself to 20 minutes a day to whip out a poem.    Whew… this is of course in my perfect world.  I invite you to give it a try too.  This is not meant to be genius poetry here.

Let yourself be Foolish…have fun…

Since I had a Jill’s prompt from this morning,  which was to use the sentence  “When I Decide to Fly…”  several time in different variation… I thought I’d kick start my 30 day professional to this prompt.  I’m afraid I couldn’t format it here the way I wanted to…oh well.

I decided to fly when April’s Fool passed me by

When I decide to fly

I decide to fly when

to fly when I decide

takes me high where I

Fly when I decide to.

It’s really all very simple.


I fly out soon on wings of

air and cloud,

caught in the high low of it all

No, decision is necessary.


Just imagine it so.



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