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I went to the Bona Sera Supper mystery foodie experience last night. Shhhh it’s a big secret.  6 course gourmet meal that was exquisite.  Beautifully presented,; my taste buds still yearn for the tantalizing thrill of garlic and spice, ginger and sausage, chocolate and cognac.  oh… so many oral stimulants. yikes.

I sat next to a woman,  I will hold her name sacred and not reveal it here.  She knows who she is.

Anyway, she came from Cincinnati for the experience.  In our conversation of food and vegetarianism, she gave me a line that I had to steal and claim as mine.  I don’t really know what will happen with it but something will any minute now….  Her reference was to the neighborhood she lives in and the prolific amount of vegans there.  She said

“You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a vegan.”

Yes I laughed and then  I copied it immediately and decided it would be my poetic moment; a prompt to insight a few lines for April’s Poetic expression. I do find it a bit vile when I take it literally, which how can you not.  Right? It’s a visual. I’m a supporter of whatever food experience you indulge yourself in.  I don’t care what the hell you eat.  If it’s repugnant to me I might have to avoid you.

And… I love cats.  here it goes…

She told me he was cruel

A crazy barbaric fool


Black eyes a blaze

His brain a maze

He life a real cesspool


Protect your little ones

He steals them for his fun


Your dogs and cats

boiled toads and rats.

He eats them with his rum.


That’s as good as it gets this morning.  don’t judge my poetic expression on this one.  And what the heck does it have to do with the stolen line?  Doesn’t matter.  give yourself to the moment and see what happens for you.

Anyone else wanna give it a try?


over n’’ out.. Geezer love to you.



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