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Ode to Cranky.

Poetry 4 April 11

Whew.. only the 4th day of poetry O-rama and my rhymin’ and jibbin’ is doing funny things  with my brain this a.m.  I’m thinking a little riff on being cranky…   The Geez Girl has let the cranky flow a little lately.  I’m of the mind that letting it go out to the Universe is a good thing.  Holding on to the cranky builds up and makes for a sorry girl.  That’s some GG wisdom to consider.

Just let it go.. Breathe in the goodness and blow the Cranky right out.. Do that again.  Or…..

Maybe you first need to beat the crap outta a pillow or maybe scream in the shower, get the vileness up n’ out.  Then do the peaceful thing of breathing in the goodness and blowing out the funk.  Just saying…


Ode to Cranky


The drift of it is snow                                                                          

white and heavy.

Dense, wet, too deep

It makes the distance to

the feel good on the other

side of it.

over there.

just over there.



You like to think you’re dressed

for it

Crank ready and fierce.

Plowing through the density of it’s

hot chill.

The dry ice of life sticks hard

Vulnerability leaves you open

to feel it all.


Feel it you must,

to know the other side.

to the just over there

where spring greens and the seeds

of you wait to bloom again.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~         with love geezerGirl.


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