The fifth day of NaPoWriMo.  That would mean, National Poetry Writer’s Month.  You can check out the website if you feel inspired to.  Once again I let 2o minutes of writing produce the draft below.  To be a geezer, a girl has to consider the ‘Winter’ of her years.  Make no mistake, growing old in body is not matching up with my mind.  Damn.  Like you, I’m hoping to be grace-full, in this journey to the dirt and ash.  I may have to write endless poems and prose to disguise and pretend I’m super duper OK with my turkey neck and my sagging eyelids.  I probably will have to write about how not OK it feels sometimes.  whatever.  this is what happened this morning and I pass it along as my fifth day of April Foolin’ around with words.

Anyone else have an offering?  What does the winter of your years feel and look like?

peas and luv. geezerG.

You sit on the tail end of middle age.

The sage wisdom pervades

The Winter of your years.


Time is relevant to what you give to it


The mirror shows your face lit

In shadow and light

The sag in the mouth can’t hide

The smile within.


Make no victim of this time that is passed


Feel pleasure held when

Wisdom wrinkles the eyes

Furrows the brow.

The flesh sags

The inner eye

Becomes your guide


Time is not the demon


Let the inevitable Winter

Remember that deep is the

Seed that waits for Spring


Till the end of Time


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  1. Sandy Moffitt

    Winterize in my years…what a relief that winter is finally over, at least down here in sunny Texas. Winterize my years? Some folks winterize their RV’s and motorcyles for the winter. So, now would be the time to flush out our systems and replenish with new fluids! Wine anyone? I rode my bike, throughout the winter, ok…not as much as in the past. I’ll be 50 this June and I’m feeling ok about it. My lover is 20 years older – the plus side of this is huge! I’ll never be as old as he and I find very little sympathy for the aches and pains of getting older…so I think it helps to keep me young! And I thank my lucky stars I have him by my side.

    Chin up! (helps smooth the wrinkles!)

    20 minutes of writing? I don’t think so!

    Love your blog!



    • huhhuh.. 20 minutes to the poem. The most.. half hour. Love what you wrote Sandy. “flush out our systems and replenish with new fluids..” good metaphor. and Jack is adorable.
      I’m glad you have each other. peas n’ lov sister. keep on geezering.


  2. I’ve been reading lots of poemin’ about aging and coping and what it all means and what it don’t… and well I like your toast to wrinkles and wisdom..



    • thanks Doug. I appreciate your response. Just took a quick dip over to you blog/site. Aren’t you the interesting fellow. I’m gonna go over and spend a little more time there.


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