Stevie Winwood lives here today.

The poetry prompt from NaPoWriMo today is an invitation to let a song or art inspires some words.  This type of poetry is called ‘Ekphrastic’. I have not heard this word before. I like it and I will be doing this again … soon

The first song that sings through my brain this morning is Stevie Winwood’s song.  Make Me A Higher Love.

With his inspiration clear and melodic in my mind and heart…  my 30 minutes of love to Stevie.


My soul knows the fire

Love chants in her choir

Give pure desire



What comes over me

Is for you to see

My light shines for we



I sing into the night

Call to your light

Know All is right



Infinite space

Leaves your trace

Filled with grace



A higher Love

A kind of love

Everywhere is the Love





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2 responses to “Stevie Winwood lives here today.

  1. You nailed the prompt with rhythm and economy. I don’t prompt..leads to enthusiasms.

    “Love chants in her choir” is money.



    • Ha.. ya. does lead to enthusiasms. I like that about them. I’m a born enthusiast. Can’t help myself. My Geezer wisdom stakes itself on it. and I don’t mean impales. God I hope not.


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