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I stuck my nose out to the rain this morning and could smell the wet earth calling me.  All that musky wanting.  All that Spring desire.  I have spring fever.  It takes me over and I let it.   Tho’ I confess it was too cold and damp for my geezer joints to wander barefoot through the soggy yard.  Maybe tomorrow.

I went on a mini Haiku explosion this a.m.  I spent about 45 min. scraping the haiku outta my brain and placing them here.  I could have gone on for waaaay too long in this indulgence.  Gotta get ready to coif my people today.  Spin some hair lore for pleasures sake.

Anyone have a Haiku to share?

Haiku… 5/7/5

When you crack open

Zero in on what matters

Wind takes you airborne


A story is you

Told in half truth by other

Come swim in my pond


Lay awakening

Give your seed to Earth to bloom

Spring has plans for you


There is no kidding

Age has you for her pleasures

Grace whispers “Follow


The pear gives her juice

Succulent lover

Cinematic pleasure dome


Quiver in pleasure

The arrow flies straight to you

Cupid is anxious


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