THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL…to give is to receive

I didn’t enjoy writing this morning.  This probably is not a draft I would go back to and tweak into something publishable.  It wasn’t what I hope my first thoughts would be as the sun rose and shed it’s light on me.  I’m astounded at the global situation, the USA situation, the state of my state, Michigan.  Not enough adjectives and superlative, speak to what I notice in the world around me.  Age and deep reflection urge me to think well of others, call kindness into being what fills me, as I read the news and feel the energy of so much loss and fear.

I take a big inhale, closing my eyes, and image the wonder of nature, the pleasure of my dogs playfulness; his sweetness.  I rally, to the call of a new day, with new opportunity and pleasure.  Today… I will hold sacred my vision of a cooperative, caring world that cherishes forgiveness and gathers kindness to our hearts even in the face of fear and difference.

Let’s all play fair and be nice.  peace to  you all.


Generosity needs you yesterday


People are in choking on their empty pockets

Jobs are lost. Homes are taken,

Sick and forsaken your neighbor

Up the road,

Two cities south,

A couple of states over

in Mexico, Japan,

The entire land

Needs you.


It’s never been equal

Life isn’t equal

Think global

Act Local

Be generous of spirit



Inner city school chaos

Hope is guns and crack

No giving back when fear stacks

The odd  are against you.

Lost and forsaken a child

In your neighborhood

Your city

Two cities north

Four states away

Detroit, LA,

your child needs you



It’s never been equal

Life isn’t equal

Think global

Act local

Be generous in spirit


Teeth rot, eyes go blind,

The body festers

Ravage by time.

Somebody’s mamma

Somebody’s Dad

Aging and dying

Abandoned by Sam

In your neighborhood

Your town

Two city’s over

A few states away

Europe, Russia

The grandmas and Grandpas

need you today.


It’s never been equal

Life isn’t equal

Thing global

Act local

Be nice



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2 responses to “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL…to give is to receive

  1. mamma

    Good morning Geezer girl! This may have been hard to write, and unhappily at that… but I found it powerful and touching. I hope this is one you do revise and publish!! Good job! It MOVED me!!


  2. Think it’s bad now five years ho jobs for the young…grab hold.

    tough poem



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