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I’ll tell ya.  I could take a lot of time rambling about time.  AND..I did.  I took a slice of that ramble and laid it right here for you to ponder.  This early morning rant is going to have me all riled up all dang day.  But then.. I have as much time as I need to let it go.  Oh, look over there. Isn’t that some time passing by?  Maybe I can quick run and catch it.  hhmmmm.

There is as much time as you need.

You have as much time as everyone

Where is the time going?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Age seems to gather time up

A syncopation that loses rhyme.

on the young

It gathers speed,

it takes the lead

gone before the day is over

There is no time.

There is enough time

Time is an illusion

Time is irrelevant

Time gathers speed

even if it doesn’t

It take the lead

when you’re running

ahead of it

Age gathered you up

in no time at all

In whatever syncopation

your rhyme decides to tell

Time is gone before the

day begins

There is plenty of it

when the day is over

If time is what you need

you have as much time as you

ever did.

As much time as everyone

Take as much time as you



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