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going with the flow…

If it’s Tuesday it must be… Tuesday.  The stream of consciousness for today’s poetic ramble  took minutes.  It rolled right out and there you have it.

The Mid-West Hair Show, was eventful and character-full.  Hair dresser/artists are interesting breed.  You’d think we’d all have really good hair and dressed, at the very least, interestingly creative.  NOpe.  And… artists, where and however they find their creative selves, send uniques messages in their expressions.  I stared a lot at them all.  I imagine I was stared at a lot as well.

HOme and time to take what I observed and learned to my salon… look the hell out people.. I have some new technique.

The poem for this day….


Steady the stream of consciousness

Dare it to comply

to ordered chaos


Call forth Darkness

and Light to your table

Eat abundantly.


Sated and famished


Snake out of your skin

Bare your rawness to

history’s hold

one last time


Let the new skin

wrap around your

essence in

Sunlight and Moon glow.


Healed of yesterday’s

slander against the

old you.


Herald the praise

of all you have become

Perfect as you are


The wonders of the world

live within you.

You are a wonder.


Filled and emptied

over and over.




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