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Out from under it..

Ok.. so I shouldn’t think about the economy and the poo that’s fueling, and supporting us being victims in all the worlds big messes so early in the morning.  Well.. I did and this is the subsequent verse that stumbled out of me this morning.  I just let  it go.  It ain’t all that and then it is.

How is it all affecting you and what do you do to hold goodness to your heart when it not fair and equal?????


The house is heavy

Family needs

Work left town

You’re on your knees


It’s heavy man


Out from under it

Looking grim

Worry is a mountain

Stress keeps you thin


It’s heavy man

It ain’t going no

where too damn soon


Life waits for no one

The train left yesterday

The house is so heavy

The economy gives no play

Mama and babies cry everyday


Sorry man, this is heavy shit.


No quick fix for you

and you and you and  you

Humor lacks luster

When the fight is all you do


It’s heavy-duty dude


There is no getting’ around it

It is what it is.

Facing the big money

When your little pennies

starve your kids


How much heavier can it get?


It’s not equal.

It will never be fair

How do you rally the love

When there are no equal shares?


It’s heavy man and you have

some love to spare


Just look to your family

Dig into your faith

Hug your babies

Pet the dog

Look at all that gives

you Grace


Lighten the load


Look to today

Give yesterday away


Now is what you got





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