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The Knights ate the sky….

I’m feeling the Spring seep up into my feet and fill me with that fever.  Roused by the thrill of winter passing.  7 years in California in the 70’s, never gave me that hungry feeling for Spring like I feel in the MidWest.  Even as a creature of the  elements, letting my body feel each season as it comes, there was always a disappointment for me there;  An unrequited longing to sync up with the land and the drama held to seasonal expressions.  It’s good to be in  Michigan.

There is Spring in this poem tho’ it might not be apparent in the words.  There is memory, lots of memory.


The Knights ate the sky

Drank of the Moon-shine

with old eyes



Naked youth to

joust the night’s



Press longing

to the chariot

to ride the winds


to feel the flow

to catch the steady



Hungry to take

all that rises in

the darkness



Held to the land

of want and memory

The Champions

ride the night









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