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If you were to consider yourself a body of water, what would  you be?  What would live in your pond, your lake, your puddle?  Do you allow swimmers?

Be that metaphor.  And if you feel all dried up, (Gez I Hope not for your sake) how might you moisten your surfaces and let it seep into the rest of you?  I’m just askin’.    When all else fails,  take a bath.

A puddle, A creek, a brook, 

A stream, a river, a pond,

A lake, an ocean, a sea

I see a face on the surface


Rippled by the wind 

caught in the tides


      ready to

Step in the puddle

Cross the creek

Splash in the brook

Go up stream

Fish the river

Float in the pond

Swim in the lake

Catch a wave in the ocean

Dive into my sea

What I see 



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