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Can’t pretend I don’t wonder what in the world I will be writing everyday and if I can even keep this up.  And.. low and behold, I sit here and some dang thing just pulls on me and I give myself to it.  It’s becoming a habit, a good discipline.  I’m pretty sure this would not be classified as great poetic works.  They are drafts, pieces of a moments that  really don’t matter wether they are good or bad, just ramblings of this here GeezerChica having her way with possibilities.   So..I guess they do matter to me.  oh gez. what ever.

  If you sit all quiet like and listen to your world what do you notice?  What calls to you?

16 april 2011


crinks in the neck

grey sky falling

slept in late

will we be old people that sit around 

bemoaning our aches and pains?

slit of pain behind eyes

cat tosses fav toy

dog barks at door

will we be people that let life

stir them up till the last breath?

Dog wants toys and play

feet naked and chilled

cat moves on to other interest

will we be people that live

to love or love to live?

clock ticks 

sit in the shadows

tap these keys

will we be people that give ourselves

to joy and curiosity?

dog nestles in to me

house needs a tidy up

wine congests my brain

will we be people that let passion

rise and live in our integrity?

car drives by

clock ticks

time passes

Can we be people that are enough as we are, doing the best 

we can, finding forgiveness, giving kindness, honoring all life,

laughing excessively, loving passionately, listening deeply?

Noticing the little things.  Notice.

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