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I almost twisted the night away last night. Dance for the Earth at 
Downtown Home and Garden. oh.. so much fun. so this a.m., with all 
the wet chill in the air that makes me quiver just thinking about 
going out,brought up the following little ditty. just thinking about
being known and knowing. The process, the pleasure,the wonder...the 
depth of what it is when the ingredients of old friendships are steep
in all that juicy goodness or the goodness in getting to know some one 
and being known. What is that for you? what is one of the first things
you want to know about someone?

gather the questions together
feed them like syrup on pancakes
or spaghetti and meet-balls 

serve them up in a pie tin
right from the oven
all steamy and luscious

gather all that curiosity
that makes feeding the soul
a worthy dinner

Get those questions together
cause it’s in the answers
the spice
the herb
the butter
the cream
the meat of them
 that turns a
good dish into a better


is it all wrong
and the question is 
is it worth fillin’ up on it again?
or will you get your chef’s hat
on and ask the right questions
that bring the dish to all it

Fill up on the big knowing
cause we all like to be known 
for our ingredients

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