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I Wonder if there really is anything in the known Universe that is really
un-natural. It's all so unpredictable, no matter how hard people try
to predict stuff, or define the 'natural order of..' Inherent in change
is the natural likelihood, that the nature of all things will not follow
a consistent path forever. Some darn bleep will occur, from the outside
of the inside or from somewhere and bam... an naturally un-natural thing
occurs. I wanna blabber on about this so.. I will spare you all further
opinion and share todays poem.

The Nature of Things.
It won’t last long it never does in April
All that whiteness laying itself over
the Spring green.  Fooling around
with our Spring fever.  Riling us all
up with her childlike teases.  

Nature always wins.  She does.
She be doing her thing with out
our consult.  She be doing her thing
cause she can.  It’s her nature.

You know you’re of this Nature  
when you do the unpredictably
predictable.  You’re not meaning
to fall short, or reach too high.
You’re not meaning to say one
thing and do another.  You’re
not meaning too.
It just happens.  

It doesn’t happen all the time
Maybe only in April when the 
tulips and daffodil are in bloom
and your natures gives off 
the big freeze
they droop their bloom in
disappointment waiting for 
the Sun to return, for the
nature of things to get back
to the nature of their thing.

Only, not all of nature is
created equal.  It was Spring
yesterday and today it’s 
Winter. It would be nice if 
the nature of us flowed 
peaceably together.
It would be nice if it didn’t
leave a crank in the body
It would be nice to feel 
It would be nice to trust
the nature of things.
It would be nice if it
never ever happened again.
It would be nice if
it happened only in April


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