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Sleep didn’t come easy last night. And the GeGe needs her beauty

sleep I can tell you that. As metaphor is always to my liking, I

wondered if any of you think of the outside weather as something

that happens within you? LIke.. what does the thunder of you

have to say? Or, a light spring rain? Pull in what seems

outside of you, within you, and let those feelings give

you information. What’s stirring your Spring thunder?


The house rocked last night
it wasn’t Pink Floyd or
 Bruce Sprinstein,
It wasn’t Jimi Hendrix 
 on the gittar.
It wasn’t the Rolling Stones

It was the hard roll of 
  Spring Thunder
 shakin’ the house down

I wanted to like it.
I wanted to let the crash
 and bang of it 
 fill me up
with its sky jive.
Quiver the timber
 of me 
Watch the zig and zag
 of lightening
 rip the darkness apart
I wanted to feel the
 charge of Thunder
pillow talk me up.

The house rocked last night
 and rolled the dog beneath
 the sheets 
Pressed his trembles
and shudder
into my body.
He panted his desperation
all over me.

I covered my head with a 
It talked to me in quiet
It spoke to memories
of when storms and love 
rocked and shook the
house down.


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