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Mornin’!  First, I want to thank all of you who find your way here
to my little poetry blog fog.  I sincerely appreciate you taking
the time to indulge me.  LOL. 
I say ‘fog’ cause, each morning I reach outta my bleary eyes, hoping some
other seasonal/elemental event will stir my heart, my mind, my some-thing-
or-another up, laying some font down on these pages.  
And BTW, I was not planning this to be about poetry, or what I deem
of a poetic nature.  I was gonna talk some ‘Geezer’ talk… Share
the wisdom that comes when you’ve lived a day or two.  In a way
I guess I am if you read these poems as if they were about you.
It’s all about you after all.  Oh.. and me too.
Really, I’m just a ramblin’ on here cause I’m waiting for some 

HERE IT COMES.  I think it's gonna blow.

Inspiration comes 
while you wait for 

has no where 
that it can hide.
No where it can
slip away to avoid
You writhe around in it
every moment.

It waits for you 

It’s in the noticing
of it everywhere
in everything
that can feed
mystery’s hunger
pull you into yourself
to find yourself
high flying, nip
tuckin’ into that
seething lava of creative

Taste that golden
Ride your bike to
the Holy Grail.
Tickle that dragon
to the ground.
Wear Cerberus’s hats
to pass through your
  dark world
where Persephone
laid your seeds to
reach for the Sun

It is of mythic wonder
and magical thinking.

Inspiration waits
for you to notice
When you believe it
you will see it.


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