Daily Archives: 23/04/2011


Goo Goo Googlin’

Have you searched yourself lately?

Taken the Google trip 

  a dive and a flip

   into that

search engine to find yourself.

I thought finding myself was

 a deeper issue.

I thought finding myself

would expand my self awareness

I though finding myself

would settle me in to the



 I am as I am 

Enough as I am

Present and accounted

for in the cosmic scheme

of the things that I am.

Then I got Googled

searched for myself

to find myself 

Cyber-punked out

splayed like an autopsy

across the pages of


Exposed and gutted

for all the Tweets,

the Facebooking,

the Geezering,

the Ruby Laning

the Crazy Wisdoming

the Hair Arting

the Taroting

I was inging my way

through myself

Google naïve and

a little thrilled

to find myself

Had I known that 

finding myself would

be this easy

I would have Googled

me a decade ago.


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