NUMBERS AND THE DEVIL… did you do it?

Numbers. Whether it’s all about the math of this Infinite Universe that gives us information to the workings of it or, whether it’s the numbers that tease us into speculations and possibilities, I the GeGi, have found some interest in Numerology.  In this more, metaphysical, (kinda, maybe, sorta) approach to the world of numbers, I have found a certain comfort in there reliability in feeding me a certain kind of insight.  of course… it is all IMO.  (in my opinion).  Different numerologist approach it … well. ha.. differently.  For example today’s date might for one, be

added together and come to a ‘7’ day > 2+5=7.  for me, I take the whole darn date.  2+5+4(april)+2011 =  15.  Most, Numerologist like to bring all combinations of numbers to a 1-9 situation.  thus, 15, becomes 1+5 =6.  TADAh… today, for me, might be a ‘6’ were I that kind of numerologist.  The ‘6’ is important, make no doubt to that.  and.  for me so is the number ‘15’.

And… because I like the story telling of the Tarot cards, I bring them in on it too.  Yep, I like to stir it all together and make it really interesting.

Unfortunately, more explanation will fill your minds up with too much data and I am not going to give a lesson in it all this a.m. cause.. this really all about poetry.  Right?

‘15’ in the Tarot is the number for the Devil.  ooooooo ya.  Now, I don’t look to the Devil as necessarily a dark and evil force, tho’ he/she can be.   My Devil, at least for today, is a trickster.

A seducer into a way of thinking, that taunts and tantalizes you into, Maybe, going in opposition to what you normally might do.  He/she is that great excuse for why you broke the rules, or took a more negative path..  “The Devil made me do it.”  I think the Devil, your inner devil, invites you into challenging possibilities that force you to face yourself to find out just what kind of integrity you really have.   Face the ol’ demons and come out more powerful.

just sayin….

A devilish rhyme of silliness

A devlish sorta


Oh please, come out to


you know you want to.

Let’s break a few


just little ol’ me n’


you know you want to

What was that he


“You might as well be


you saw the color


He needs to die


you know you want to.

No, of course it’s wrong to


Did you think I thought you


even tho’ you want to

Could we just sorta


put him at ill


you know you want to

what’s this you


kill him with kindness

not make him


Let him get


you are NO fun


If that’s what you want to

then I’m outta here.


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2 responses to “NUMBERS AND THE DEVIL… did you do it?

  1. Cynthia Reedy

    Break a few rules…naughty, spicy and fiesty girls…her energy wants to play…and say…and stay…and sway to the tune of her own way.

    444’s are my number…4 years.

    You were on page 44. A sign…you are IN my heart and on my path to expansion.


  2. lovely explorations, kill one with kindness?

    sometimes, kindness is not working, let go is hard but one has to try.

    bless you,
    give you the perfect poet award, visit me for details.


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