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26 april 2011  = 16   the tower

A friend asked me about projection.  I’m not talking astral, tho’ 
that was fun, I’m not talking the stock market, or the agriculture, 
or any of those future trends,  I’m not talking about putting a 
face on a screen or how far I can send my voice  ( I can get plenty loud)
 What I am about to do as I dig into my poetry sleuthing any minute now, 
is to see how I might, you might, we might project: emotions, past 
recollections,  desires onto another being.  Projections of this sort 
are not all bad, some serve a situation when forgiveness 
or thinking well of other is a far better choice than the opposite.  
And, IMO, often projection sets a situation up, or a person up, to be a 
story that is not relevant to the truth of what is happening right now.  
It’s  your story from some other time and place that now gets to be the 
forecast of a future that has now lost it’s potential and innocence to 
what you, me, we, imagined.  OH.. it’s so messy.  I think you get my drift, 
if not, ask and we can further discuss it.
It’s a large topic to chatter on about, least of all, gather the poetry 
buzz and slam one down here this a.m.  


Daddies always leave
and mommies cry.
Brother’s are mean
and you don’t get the why

Wrapped in a child’s
Wrapped in a child’s
Wrapped up in a story
of so long ago.

Men will always leave you
Women take the pain
The world is full of 
brothers that lay 
your heart to blame

Wrapped in a woman’s
Wrapped in a woman’s
Tied tight with the
assurance it’s likely how
it will go.

You lay it on your lover
you lay it on your friends
you lay the history of
you life
a story that never

Wrapped in a man’s
Wrapped in a man’s
what would it be
to tell this story like so

Daddies aren’t you sweetheart,
Mommies aren’t your friends
Brothers are silly people
that tease you till the end

Wrap yourself in wonder
Release yesterdays woe
Get yourself together
cause history will come
and go.

Be here now.


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