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TAROT WISDOM.. it’s in the cards baby


The Fool says,
“jump into life.”

The Magi says
“There’s lots of
    tools to stir your pot”

The Empress says
“Go ahead let creation
     lead your way”

The Emperor says
“You have a whole kingdom
      to attend to”

The Hierophant says
“Have faith in your resources”

The Lovers say
“Love your own dang self”

The Charioteer says
“Lead with focus and intention”

Strength says
“Trust your instincts”

The Hermit says
“Gather your pieces, find
   what makes you whole”

The Wheel of Fortune says
“Stand in the center, push your edges”

Adjustment says
“Be fair, in an unjust world”

The Hang One says
“Look to life from another perspective”

Death says
“to let it die off lets it transform.
 Let the poo go.”

Art says
“Take the impossible, mix it with the

The Devil
“I’ll show you what can lead you
  astray so you can make better

The Tower says
“Be expansive; stay connected
   to your foundation.”

The Star says
“Be the conduit that connects
  spirit with earth

The Moon says
“Know your cycles, trust the

The Sun says
“Illuminate the corners of your

Judgment says
“Call forth all of yourself
  to be accountable.”

The Universe says
“You are enough as you are,
  You are Infinity waiting.

I say
“Shuffle it all up, crank that wheel of your life
take the leap, be creations tool.

oh ya.. and laugh loud, love hard, speak your truth.
get busy and live.


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