29 april 2011 = 19 The Sun... my day

If ever a lil ditty was gonna happen on these here pages this would be it.  
I think ya’ll could dance a little jig to this one.  Give yourself to a 
lil southern act-scent and read twice out loud.


It’s my day 
and I’m ridin’ 

the segue
right to yer lil' 

ol' heart.

Dang two wheel

has a way of
that don’t make

no sense

It’s in the passin
It’s in the sassin

It’s even in tight
rope dancin’

that the get know
slides into the

ho ho
and it all gets
done just right

It’s my day 
and I’m tippin on 

the segue
speed demon on

the segue
soft spokin’on

the segue
romancin' on 

the seque
redeemin on 

the segue
smooth dancing on 

the segue
right up to yer

little ol’ heart

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