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The last day of May. From torrential down pours to sweltering heat, Mother Nature has her way with us. She wins in all her Earthly glory. I’m not a heat person. I work to let humidity be my friend. I wish to avoid AC… it becomes my friend in this weather. Friendships can be fickle, can’t they?
What I like about it is, that my hair gets really curly.

31 may 2011 > 13/4/0 > Death/Emperor/Fool

Take a look around/within you, What needs letting go of?
How will you ‘make space’ for what gives you joy?
How will you transform the order of your life?


Eyes closed, breath even
The welcome mat is laid out
The call has been given

Trust frees you

Stay with the waiting
Let it fill you up
It comes in perfect timing

Faith holds you

You’ve smelt the rose
You’ve drank from the cup
All of you is exposed

Inspiration feeds you

Eyes closed, breath even
To wait
To fill
To smell
To drink
To be exposed
To sense
To believe

Trust Faith’s Inspiration


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30 may 2011 > 12/21/3 > The Hanged One

Today…Can you look for a new perspective in your life?
Can you relax within what ever is going on
and just be, without doing anything?

I saw my first Bollywood movie, other than SlumDog. It was fun!!!!REally entertaining. Colorful, great music, that crazy, wonderful dancing. I was feeling
the joy. A line from one of the songs jumped off of the screen for me that I have to use to day. Not because I have any idea in this moment where it will go,or what poem will rise in the next moments … I just liked it.


Wander my heart
Find the passage that
   gives you flight.
Pulse to the bird’s song
Soar loves landscape
Taste passions fruit
Sail vulnerability’s sea
Even away you are here
     with me

Wander my heart
    find home where you are
Chant with the heart of others
Weep with their grieving
Celebrate their giving
Laugh with their foolishness
Share in their life pulse
You are connected
Even away you are here
    with me.

Rove and weave my heart
Be free to give of yourself
The dance of life is for your
For your sorrow
For your longing
For your connection
For your celebration
For your Gratitude
For your love
For your Joy
For your wanderings
     to find yourself
    in all that Is.
     Sharing the beat
    the pulse
    the rhythm
    of life everlasting.

Right here… with me.


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29 may 2011  >  11  > Lust/strength  Thoth deck


                  How do you give lustre to your life?  

                     How do you commune with your instincts?

                           Can you trust your heart’s voice?



The Big Lake Michigan calls to me.  I’m blocks away from it.  It rains, and drizzles detouring my ‘lust’ to get there.  And.. my lust will rise above the drab and dank of the morning and I will make my way to the beach later.     Umbrella in hand if necessary.  




Smell gives rise to memory

Fills you up with sand and water

waves and sun, yesterday

and tomorrow

Scamps through your body. 


Messages of long ago speak

In the flood of lost days

Tumbling over each other

To get to each other


The air around you

Ripens the stories with

Inhales of sweetness

Longing, sorrow, joy

Laughter, love.


There is no place within you

that is not filled with this breath.

YOu hunger for the sweetness

the love

You anguish in the longing

the sorrow


The scent washes you,

drowns you

scolds you

punishes your dreaming

lays you tender in loves want

caresses the soul’s quest

holds you to whisper’s sweetness


Smell gives rise to all your memories

Breathe in the wonder of what you


Breathe in the flavors of life’s


Breathe in the colors of wishes and


Breathe in and smell the life of you



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28 may 2011 > 10/1/19 > Wheel Of Fortune

Around and around it goes… Sometime at the top and sometimes… who knows
sometimes at the bottom and that’s the way it goes.
What do you notice in your life that you feel fortunate about?
Where do you stand in the circle of life?

Oh… is it still grey out there? Why… hell yes it is. Shocking, startling. I’m not sure how to act.

And the Wheel of life keeps on turning. Around and up and down.
and then again. I’m on the carousel of life, riding the painted pony.


It’s your birthday on this rainy day
Gemini girls want out to play
Doesn’t matter the weather’s display
Cause it’s your birthday and that’s OK.

yippee yippee ki yayah

The smile of youth is on your face
Years have not left a trace
of a life denied of grace
You know how to find the silly place

Cause if you don’t when the world is grim
Gemini calls out her favorite twin
The one that deletes the negative and the dim
Twirls her dervish, mischievous grin

Looks for the goodness, looks for the fun
Will not be daunted, faded, undone
The twins have a way to capture the Sun
Oh…look out here they come

Happy Birthday.

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27 may 2011 > 9/18 > HERMIT

How do you share your wisdom, your light?

What needs your consideration to bring into completion?

Grey will not fill me like the day
Nor will the rain seep down too deep
My shores maybe flooded
I have swum this torrent before
The batter of it seeks my resistance
The rapids grabs bits of me away
but my expanse is far into the land

it holds me to its foundation
it holds me to it changes
it holds my roots in safe keeping
it promises the wash of this storm
will cleanse and rebirth all of me

There will be no drowning me
My soul holds Sun as her keeper
The heart of me seeks the illumination
The storm of Creation gave me Self
And myself is held to
Infinities call

It holds me to it’s forever
It holds me to it’s wonder
It holds the soul me in the Light
It is the promise of life everlasting

Grey will not fill me like this day
There will be no drowning me

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26 may 2011 > 8/17 > Strength/Justice

Can you have the courage to be fair and just when faced with injustice?
Can you rise to Freedoms call with out defense?

Remember when the family had road-trips and it was beyond the boredom level of your little person self to sit for more than 10 minute: Ants in you pants, all wiggly and impatient, driving the rest of your family crazy with your endless babble? And if you didn’t have to beg to pull over to go pee, which some of us had to, you asked that one little question over and over.
“Are we there yet?”
Decades later, I still wonder, “Are we there yet?” And….”Where is there?”


I’ve gotten there many times
I’ve been over there just as many
I see it over there,
by God it’s right there in front of me

There is always more.
There ya have it friends.
There it is again
If it’s right there why am I askin’

Am I there yet?

I’ll get there sooner or later
I’ll be there in a minute
I wish I was there already
There is no time limit

Over there, under there
There is more left to do
There you have it
There ya go
then I ask it

Am I there yet?

Will I get there soon?
Will you be joining me there?
There is where the heart is
right in there next to you.

There will be another chance
There is endless time
There is more when it seems empty
Right there will be just fine

Am I there yet?

God know I wanna be
There is what I want
I’m there if you want me
I was there all along.

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GeGi’s ArK… Is it Raining?

25 may 2011 > 7/16 > Charioteer

What needs your focus?
How do you give your creativity to form?
Are you ready to give yourself to your passion?

The not-a-poem-exactly entry. I’m versatile. Are you the metaphor?

Is it raining? No … really… is it? WAT? Why.. by golly it is!

Pair up the animals, find yourself a mate cause we’re heading out to the sea. It will be a hellava voyage, forced together for extended time, sharing… everything. Could get stinky with all those ‘animals’. And you never know what you might see in the sea. Hope we see the terns circling the sky sooner than later, cause all that bobbin’, waving’, floating for long can make a person all gweezy. I need some land and greenery. So many what-ifs, oh mys, WTFs likely to be on board.

Heaven forbid there be an muteness attitudes, cause fighting for you life under dire circumstances makes for defensive, warring behavior and we all know just how negative all that poo is. Right? And you know we’re gonna get all sick and pukey.
No… not pretty me mates. Not pretty at all….Argh… We’ll get all needy and stuff.

Do you think we can all find a way to get along? Not the ‘git a long lil doggy’ thing, no no, that means you’re hoping to get out of this wet mess, which I can hardly blame you for. We’re in this deep see miasma and how are we gonna make it all good?

How will we not sink this ‘real- asun-ship and all the precious cargo?
Brainstorm my friends; get real creative, focus up now, cause this ship needs your prowess, your expansive mind, your full heart investment: to get to the land, save the what matters, save your life, make the world a better place.

Is that thunder I hear? Why yes it is…

Oh my God, I see land.

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24 may 2011 > 6/15 > Lovers
What if… your best relationship was with yourself?
What if today you practiced tenderness and kindness to yourself?

I am like the weather today, partly cloudy, a little breezy, a little damp in the heart,
still pushing out the greenery, shedding the early blooms, urging the sun out from between the grey matter.

Sorting through what matters
When the list of matters is long
When the list of matters has a life
When what matters has
  a loud voice,
  a pushy attitude,
  pugnacious demands,
a sob, a whisper, a poor me
That seek the top of the list

The what matters press in on
  each other.
Scurry, and flutter,
Push and shove
Beat and bloody
Weep and sob
Do me,
   take care of me,
        notice me.
       I’m first. Me.. me… me.
I am the matter that matters most.

It’s a matter of time before my
heart drowns in all the matters
before me.   I’m treading water.

Love matters
Kinship matters
kindness matters
One small step at time matters

What matters in this moment
Is that I see the white sand beach
The sun has split the clouds
And I’m pretty sure
I can side stroke my way there


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23 may 2011 > 14 Art/Alchemy
You are Creations tool, what will you mix today?

Boring Bumble Bees; I don’t mean dull, drab, lifeless little buzzers, nor a fanciful
alliteration: I mean those big butt bumbles that bore into the wood of your house, and make perfect little holes, spreading powdered wood shaving all over the dang deck. Damn it. EEk… who knows how to get rid of them? Help me.

I can’t resist the the alliteration, I want to, really I do, only… I have to give my wordy self to one and it looks like Big Butt Bumbles Bees is a wiener.

Blast those Bumbles and their big butt boring selves.
Buzzin’ and blarin’ all their Bee blabber all over my abode
Bastards, better look out because bodacious Jeannie Beanie
is bettin’ on some boy, being Bee brilliant and brave enough
to better this boring situation.

Okay … enough of that… right?
now for the deeply serious stuff. Right?


Chest open exposed
vulnerability freed
Needy takes its stand


Wooed into believe
Apple stays close to the tree
Undone truth re-seeds


Longing gives desire
A yearn held in history
You are the mirror


Geezergirl is all done in copyright.

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22 MAY 2011 > 13 Death/Transformation
What old skin needs shedding?
What needs letting go of that gives room for what your really want?
Can you give space to your life?

OK.. I’m gonna say it in a really enthusiastic way. Ready?
“GOOD MORNING AMERICA”. It’s really more like “Good Morning Sunshine,”
that one sends me off into song.

Last night I and some friends performed song and poetry. It was awesome. Thanks to all of you that made your way to our event. YOu made it special. I let go of my stage nerves and had fun. I’m thinkin’ I want to do that more.

Gez, it’s 8:15 am. Alrighty then.
breathe…. visualize this, join me in the peace

Sit comfortably, feel yourself nestle in to
this space,this place, relaxing,
Breathe in, Breathe out . again

Imagine your body settling in to
this place this space, with comfort
Breathe in Breath out. Again

Give your body to the sounds, the smells,
the way the air touches your face, your skin
Relax into the pleasure, the treasure of this moment
Breathe in. Breathe out. Again

Let your breath travel gently through your body
your head, your neck, your shoulders, your arms
your chest, your belly, your hips, your parts, your
thighs, your knees, your calfs, your feet.
Breathe into your body, slow and easy
Breathe into yourself again
Breathe in, Breath out…

Where there is tension, breathe into it
fill it with the cool blue sky,
warm it with the rising sun
breathe out the useless tension
the chronic pain, the old distain
of yesterday
Breathe in … breathe out… again

Give your body, mind, spirit peace
Tease out the useless, chid out the pain
humor the stress, giggle out the bane
settle into the pleasure of release
Breathe in.. Breathe out.. Again

In this perfect moment connected to
yourself, notice that this connection
is of the Oneness we are All about
My breath is of your same air,
My land is shared with you
I sit in peace and quiet
sending peace and love to you.
Breathe in… Breathe out… again


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