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2 may 2011 ..  2 + 5 + 4 = 11  *
             Priestess + Hierophant + Emperor  
 leads you to Strength
 “Seek not to change the world.  Seek to be the change
                you wish to see in the world”  Ghandi

There is no hip hip Horay for me in a dot of darkness 
being eliminated. If closure finds itself in the hearts 
of many, so be the calm in that.

I am reminded of what deeply matters to me in the 
media’s hype and fear’s felt sights
An old Hippys dream of
Peace and Love
is what my soul unites in.

Darkness and Light have always sought out each other. 
They cling to each other as lovers that
seek to find themselves within themselves
Whole again, unfettered by Earthly parameters
and limited thinking.

In a world held to polarity and duality
Oneness finds itself in the embrace
of Itself. 
Not in the “Be gone Devil, bring
in the Light.”
“Darkness share my Light
and Light share my Darkness.”

If you must bedevil me let me
shine in the corners of your soul
and hold your darkness as sacred
to our joining.
If you must blind me with your
Light let me have the shadows
to ponder the depth of my
need for silence and quiet

To be united is to embrace a dot
of darkness and a slice of light
hungry for each other.
Goodness and Evil must find
themselves within themselves
for Peace and Love to divine
the sacred in All of Creation’s

There is no pleasure in a dot
of darkness that has not found
its companion in a slice of light


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