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3 may 2011   3 + 5 + 4   
 the Empress with the
        Hierophant with the
           Emperor  lead us to the
                                         Hanged One
What does she mean when she says that?  All that goobly
gob of preface.  Numbers and day?  Empress and Hanged
Ones?  WTF?  right?  So… this might be the way the day
unfolds.  or not.  put your cryptic hat cause I think I'm
just gonna ....

Creation shares her charms
She takes her pleasures
She teases your seed of creation
up from the dark loam of you.

She reminds you of what you
lust for, what you might
dream into being.
She is the you that nurtures
the best of worldly offerings

With the Spirit of He Who
gathers resources.
He who steps out of the box
to know the box
considers the Spirits quest
for the sacred cup of life
Making holy, all Paths
that lead the self to

Builds safety held within the
kingdom of order and form
A container for
the spirit of the trinity
to birth creations questions

To turn it all upside down
and look to the day from
a different perspective

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