4 may 2011     4 + 5 + 4 = 13  Death
 What needs closure that gives room for transformation?  
What needs dumpin that will give you room for what matters most? 
I don’t need more than a second to answer these.
Nor am I compelled to reveal to you what these are.
And I bet ya wanna know don’t ya?  HA HAhaha.

The Reaper is Not Grim

The death throes of surrender find a sweet
point when the release fills you with no regret
Fills you with new choices
Fills you with possibilities
Gives space where space wasn’t known yet

When the Reaper knocks
give him the useless
give her the trouble
give him what is in the illusive bubble

There is a deep ache when the holding on
clamps wish over the heart’s tender desire
Wish for what might have been
Wish for what hope told you so
Gives hunger to loves lost fire

When the Reaper knocks
give her your old hopes
give him your failed wishes
give her the hurt of misplaced misses

give him yesterdays sorrow
give her remnants of the past
give him misspent folly
give her all the dark lonely

In the throes of surrender
is your freedom call
To give is to receive rides
on the Reaper scythe for your clearing

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  1. mamma

    Yes yes yes!!! LIKE! 🙂


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