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8 May 2011  Mom’s day

In some ways, every day is Mother’s day.  We all were all

wombed up inside ours once, parasitically brewing and growing

in a mere 9 months. With great struggle and pain, she pushed

us out of her belly for our first feel and view of life.

Sweet little fingers and toes, lungs to cry and scream in need, 

brains that keep us busy, parts that unite inside of us to keep

our bodies working; Mom was the cauldron of us.

She readied us for the goochee goo and gagas. (not the Lady)

of family and friends.  She readied us for being part of

the big wide world.  She did her best, no matter what we

think and believe is/was the best.

There is NO manual for mothering or parenting.

For us lucky ones, she nurtured us and gave us love and guidance. 

Her love is unconditionally conditional. 

Really, it’s all very complicated, loaded full of angst and joy. 

I miss my mother.  I love her to the core of me.

I knew her for lifetimes and pray to meet

her again.

Lil feetzy with teeny toes

Mommy’s watch their babies grow

Rocking baby into life

Making boundaries safe and tight

Lil feetzy grow to walk

Mommy’s hope you walk your talk.

Rocking baby into life

Pray that baby will live life right

Lil feetzy grow to run

Mommy’s chase is all undone

Rocking baby into life

Pray that baby is safe at night

Lil feetzy grow to find

That their walk may twist and wind

Mommy’s on her knees at night

Pray to God that you’re all right

Lil feetzy take a Path

Mommy’s wish is that will last

She rocked you Baby all night long

She loves you when she dead and gone

Your little feetzy with tiny toes

Her prayer for you always is that

You live and grow

To be the blessing she believed you so

To be brave enough to let you go.


Just remember… when you’re not

near her… she misses you.

You are always and in all ways

her baby.

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