9 MAY 2011 > 9 >  Hermit
First.. let me just say.. Thank God for coffee.  I mean
Reallly….. OK …  just sayin’
Who said ‘talk is cheap’?  It can be and then when you talk
about it, it might not be.  There is something to the quiet
mind that is a welcome reprieve from the onslaught of
mind banter.   You know...That chatter that rifles through
the mind goading it up and beyond sanities gate.  Poking
and chiding you to listen to the coulda , shoulda, oughta
crap.  Rolling you around in histories quagmire, ordering
up Mac and Cheese and you really wanted Sushi.
Then there is always the discussion about sanity.
Haiku to you .. I beg your pardon please
Busy is the mind
Stamps words out of grey matter
Colour your worldview
Release sanity
Giver her want a lollipop
Tickle her lip lock
Cheap up the talking
Quiet mind needs a party
Order in Sushi


I kid you knotty
Baa baa baa all the way to home
Follow the heart bliss
Random acts of kind
Necessary heart whisper
Heals what ails you.


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3 responses to “HAIKU SANITY

  1. I see a girl.. Where’s this geezer?


  2. I kid you knotty
    Baa baa baa all the way to home
    Follow the heart bliss………

    fine lines, well done.


    welcome and have fun.


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