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10 may 2011  >  Wheel of Fortune
Again, my little dog took his terrified, quivering,
radical panting, body and buried it as close to mine
as is canine possible.  Thunderstorms, shake his
world.  My love for thunder and lightning has lost
its thrill for this reason.  I want it back.. 
In Want of Thunder and Light

I want back the buzz,
The ecstatic pleasure
Of the crack and boom
Of the black sky with
The jagged slash of light
That brings the darkness to it’s knees.

I want back the creative force
Of nature’s tempest
The line of dark grey
That rides emotion over the land
Hold the riotous giving of herself
In uninhibited bolts of light

I want back the rapturous fill
Of thunder that rumbles
Around and through me,
Waiting for the grey
Slice of rage to reel to my beach
Crack me open
See me naked 
Pour the torrent all over me

I want back the storm
The passion, the break in the
Darkness, the serrated stab
Of light that shows me a path less
Shows me darkness needs light
Shows me the light needs her night
Shows me that when the storm
find completion
drenched in possibilities
 peace resides

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