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11 may 2011 >>>  Adjustment/Balance
YAWN... stretch it out.  some days gettin’ the get-a-long going
goes greatly slower than the going wants to git.
Ya know?
The clever mind is calling her slug patrol out for some adjusting.
Hanging the “What If The Hokey Pokey Is What It’s ALL About.”
sign on her butt dancing and shakin it through the grey matter
between me ears. Thus... you get to hear a layer of the rumble
between my ears. If you dare... LMAO

I slipped on Balance the other day
It peeled off right in front me
Down I went on the yellow smear
sitting on the Hokey Pokey sign.

I gave out a big Ouch, and a few WTF?s
Checked to see if anyone was looking 
cause who wants to see some old broad
slippin’ on a little bit of Balance.

Everyone was looking.  The Whole
World held their breath, waiting 
Seems we all want to take notice of
the off kilter, maladjusted moments
of others.

Cause it takes the edge off our
own slippery slope and faulty 
balancing act.  Makes us feel good
in a perverse way;
To see other struggling to stay
balanced when balance needs
endless adjustment to the 
balance of putting our right
foot out and our right foot in.

Cause it’s all right if you give
yourself to that thinking.
It’s in that thinking of the 
rightness of It All that balance
finds herself a happy camper.

I slipped on Balance and
I got up to do it again.
and I turned myself around
I do the Hokey Pokey and I’m
right where I wanna be.
Dats wat itz all about.


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