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12 may 2011 >>> 12 The Hanged One. Get a new perspective on what it is you want and need.

This morning is already to fly out the door and I’m
 still gathering words up to give to these pages.
 I gotta go.. I gotta git outta here... so this is what
 happened this morning. I hope you get what you want

Be simple in the giving

not pressed to  silly putty norm

that leaves a wrong impression

when pressed to ill fit form

That teases you to wanting

Teases you to lust

Teases you to hope 

that what is 

     is good enough

Gettin’ what you want

Gettin’ what you need

Listen to the want

Need for the lust felt tease

The dance has it’s feel good

What you see is what you get

Illusion has her colors bright

When want calls to dark regret

Teases into dreams desire

Teases back from loves lost home

Teases you to hunger

when lonely has lost it’s alone.

Gettin’ what you want

Getting what you need

Listen to the need

Want for the needs tease

Make note to expectation

Subside the overwhelm

If what is, is not happenin

Take back the ships helm

Tease back the edge’s center

Tease questions into life

Tease and squeeze loves lost embers

want for the fire to fill the night

Gettin what you want

Gettin’ what you need

Listen to your want

need the fire in the tease

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