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14 May 2011  = 5  hierophant/art
My body needed the dancing last night;   letting out all the 
mood that fills it with life’s shedding of yesterdays.  Clearing
the way for what is and what awaits me.
Before the dancin’  I bought a mood ring from Peaceable 
Kingdom, a local A2 shop.  God knows I needed it.  Right?
Like, I already didn’t know my mood-meter was jack to hell.
Ya... well... 

In The Mood Ring

I slipped all the mood on to my
  right middle finger.
I felt the deep purple come
   on like a hit of acid.
I was Jimi’s guitar
    he was playin’ me for the 
Saturday night promenade 

Life was a twinkle 
All sparkle and bling
The vibe was high 
My body was singin’

I kept checking it’s meter
 to see if I was  ecstatic high
Jimi had his way with me
  keep that Purple Haze circlin’ 

If the mood swings 
now I know
just check that ring
to tell me so.

It began to play the blues
easin’  through my body
feeling the groove
I said B.B baby you gotz
to play me

I gave myself to B.B. ‘s groove
cause ya’ll know I was in the mood

I twirled through the streets
having some eats,  
I was in my cool, feelin’ my moods
My ring knew

It swirled in green all edged out
in turquoise. 
It licked my finger like a lover 
all slow and tender
Shimmering the goodness 
through my unattended body

I felt good.  
I had been Moody Blued 
real good
Calmin out 
All night in white satin
making my way home.

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