15 may 2011  > 6  The Lovers

Self love, the unity of heart and mind, 
the stewardship of relationship

My short sleep and busy mind finds me noticing the green of 
the morning, beyond the flat, wet grey that drapes around me.  
I welcome it.  
I find it a verdant metaphor, grateful that it holds 
the space for the greening of the land that is me.  
I am reminded of the stewardship of the Land around me, 
the care and nurturance, the taking and the giving.  
The honoring of it’s seasons, the expression of it’s 
elemental stories, the depth and shallows of this Land 
I share my land with.
Am I stewarding  well, this land that is this body, this mind, 
this essence? 
Do I honor the wonder of my seasons, the depth of emotional sea, 
the clarity of a good mind?  
Do I tend to the seeds I plant with creative intention?
Do I nurture them, and bring them to flower, harvest the fruit 
of them and pleasure in the sharing?  
If I pollute my land, ‘toxify’ my mind, wound my essence-self, will 
I not dump this havoc, create negative impact, on all the 
lands around me? Won't tears fall?

Can you steward the Earth without first stewarding your earth?

Plant seeds of love on the footprints of toxic spill
Lay the altered on the altar of light and goodness

Tend to your garden, your life counts on it
Let it fill the heart with good sense

Celebrate those you love by being  your best self
Gift them with your seasons

Tend to your weeds in offering of their message
Prune what doesn’t serve the whole

Sacrifice your limitations to; the doesn’t matter  
Embrace the mystery of you.

Love relentlessly the closed hearted
Open your mind to the magic of possibility.

Breathe into life and death’s sacred journey
Steward the Land that is of you.


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