16 may 2011  >   7  Charioteer

Gez Louise,  The geezgirl has had her big heavy on here for awhile.  I’m really a funny

kinda gal when I’m not experiencing life shifts and changes in an overwhelming

series of hits.  It’s All good tho’.  Ya ain’t too dang old to learn and grow.  An ‘Old Dog’

can learn new spiral dances and a few emotional loop de loops, followed by …

ONE SMall Step at a Time.

I love the below poet, Tagore.  This is from his 1928 book (which I own)  Fireflies.

I’m a wanna be Tagore.

“The hill in  it’s longing for the far away sky

    wishes to be like a cloud

       with it’s endless urge for seeking”   Tagore

I laid flat naked  to the floor breathing
splayed out like Jesus on the cross
knowing this death was only a higher transition

Buddah stopped by for a hug and kiss
He was just passing by thinking of me
Lovin’ me all up compassionately
The Seven Deadly revised

LUst for life
Be a Glutton for Love
Get Greedy about Peace
Take your time and Sloth around
Despair briefly
Give Wrath a kiss and hug
Give Envy a deep sea vacation
Take Pride in your best self

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  1. Jen Wooey

    Hi Jeanne! That’s my number! I’m a 7 – a charioteer – remember when you read my tarot cards and that came up on top? I live life as a charioteer – that’s me! Need to balance letting go with championing my “causes”. Thanks for your cosmic friendship. Love Jen


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