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17 may 2011 > 8 justice/adjustment (thoth deck)

What needs ‘adjustment’ in your life?
How do you hold the fairness and balance of your days?

I think it’s totally not fair that others are finding Morels and I’m not.
Of course I’d have to be diligently looking for them and I’m not, and
I’d have to know where is a good spot and I don’t. Well big ol’ DAh on me.

Mushroomin’ as some of us like to refer to for the hunt, started for me
when I was in 3rd grade. It was all about the treasure to be found
among the leaves and moss in the woods. Secondly, Cooking them
in butter and garlic and putting them on toast.
My love for a good treasure hunt from that point on made me
a pirate of sorts, without the sex and pillaging. The glory of searching
for the ‘Great Find’. Digging through old discarded crap for that
special sumthin’ sumthin’. Digging in the sand, digging in to life,

‘Suroomin’, was all about how high I got on the psychedelics of
ingesting them. That treasure hunt was in the quest of what my
sensorial beingness could explore, find, experience. Oh.. the stories.


Still getting high on the hunt
 That Illusive treasure sunk
 in the sands of my soul.
 buried in my chest of blood and gold

My map wrinkled, folded, old
 ripped, faded, hard to hold
 barely readable
 holds the course of me

I have raped and pillaged
 the corners of me,
 sometimes the heart of me
 taking my ship back out to sea
 will I ever see, Will I ever see

That island that calls me home
 where I can lay my tired bones
 to my treasure’s worldly rest
 or will I give myself to the eternal

Hunting, seeking, the Holy Grail
 Climbing mountains, making sail
 For the vessel that hold my truth
 Holds me to finding proof

When I have always, all ways known
 Where I am is all ways home.

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