18M MAY 2011 >  9 HERMIT

Closure, pulling the pieces of the human pie together.

Tally it up. Are you ready?  Did you gather all you

needed to take the next step?

I have the big complaint rolling through my morning.

Rhythm is spazed out.  What’s supposed to work went

on a wobbly.  And I’m busy taking gentle inhales

and exhales so as to not wig out.  eeeeek.

aaaah.. better now


I’m just sayin’

Breathings  better than the coffin

Cause when the spaze kills the jazz

of living good, feeling good

Ya gotta peace out more often

to get life boppin.

I’m just sayin

Breathings better than the dirt grave

cause even if you’ve had enough 

of this livin’ stuff, this feeling rough

Givin’ up ain’t the rave

living life ya gotta get brave

I’m just sayin

Breathings better than not

cause when your bop stops

and the lights go out

and the dance is done

and your story is closed

and your 6 ft under

Don’t leave this life in the wonder


did you do it right?

Was love holdin’ you tight?

Was it all done good?

Did you do it like you could?

Were you your best self?

You’re readin’ and breathin

Do it right today

be your best self

I’m just sayin’

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One response to “BREATHE …. I’M JUST SAYIN’

  1. mamma

    Rockin and wise!! Will have to print this one out!


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