20 may 2011 > 11 Strength/justice

Will you lead today with the voice of your intellect?
Will you listen to what your instincts say?
Do you have the courage to pull a thorn out of the lions paw?

Good morning World. Stretch.. yawn, sippy the coffee, yawn some more. Pet the little dog.


A light fog graces the land this morning.
A ghostly, gossamer damp fills the air
lays it’s mystery over the pines
settles soft on the grass

There is magic in the haze of it.
I’m sure of it.

I dream naked the feel of it
The light dance of it moist
on my flesh.
The flit of this sea all over me

Eyes closed, I fill my nose
with the ocean of it.
Let it’s ethereal waves
float in gasps through me

I am the fog that graces the land
I am a ghostly gossamer damp
I lay my mystery over the land
I settle soft in the vulnerability

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