24 may 2011 > 6/15 > Lovers
What if… your best relationship was with yourself?
What if today you practiced tenderness and kindness to yourself?

I am like the weather today, partly cloudy, a little breezy, a little damp in the heart,
still pushing out the greenery, shedding the early blooms, urging the sun out from between the grey matter.

Sorting through what matters
When the list of matters is long
When the list of matters has a life
When what matters has
  a loud voice,
  a pushy attitude,
  pugnacious demands,
a sob, a whisper, a poor me
That seek the top of the list

The what matters press in on
  each other.
Scurry, and flutter,
Push and shove
Beat and bloody
Weep and sob
Do me,
   take care of me,
        notice me.
       I’m first. Me.. me… me.
I am the matter that matters most.

It’s a matter of time before my
heart drowns in all the matters
before me.   I’m treading water.

Love matters
Kinship matters
kindness matters
One small step at time matters

What matters in this moment
Is that I see the white sand beach
The sun has split the clouds
And I’m pretty sure
I can side stroke my way there


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9 responses to “WHAT MATTERS MOST

  1. Casey Lewis

    Love your poems, Jeanne! 🙂 And happy birthday to Bob Dylan, it’s his 70th!


  2. Robin Peterson

    Ooh, I like it!


  3. Shades of grey. You can love things that are imperfect, and that’s one of the most important skills in life I think.


  4. Lovely one.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love how the pity party turns into an anthem of resolve – I like the sidestroke last line, especially.


  6. Wonderful capture, great job!


  7. Beautiful poem, I truly enjoyed reading it.
    The Lonely Recluse.


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