GeGi’s ArK… Is it Raining?

25 may 2011 > 7/16 > Charioteer

What needs your focus?
How do you give your creativity to form?
Are you ready to give yourself to your passion?

The not-a-poem-exactly entry. I’m versatile. Are you the metaphor?

Is it raining? No … really… is it? WAT? Why.. by golly it is!

Pair up the animals, find yourself a mate cause we’re heading out to the sea. It will be a hellava voyage, forced together for extended time, sharing… everything. Could get stinky with all those ‘animals’. And you never know what you might see in the sea. Hope we see the terns circling the sky sooner than later, cause all that bobbin’, waving’, floating for long can make a person all gweezy. I need some land and greenery. So many what-ifs, oh mys, WTFs likely to be on board.

Heaven forbid there be an muteness attitudes, cause fighting for you life under dire circumstances makes for defensive, warring behavior and we all know just how negative all that poo is. Right? And you know we’re gonna get all sick and pukey.
No… not pretty me mates. Not pretty at all….Argh… We’ll get all needy and stuff.

Do you think we can all find a way to get along? Not the ‘git a long lil doggy’ thing, no no, that means you’re hoping to get out of this wet mess, which I can hardly blame you for. We’re in this deep see miasma and how are we gonna make it all good?

How will we not sink this ‘real- asun-ship and all the precious cargo?
Brainstorm my friends; get real creative, focus up now, cause this ship needs your prowess, your expansive mind, your full heart investment: to get to the land, save the what matters, save your life, make the world a better place.

Is that thunder I hear? Why yes it is…

Oh my God, I see land.

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