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26 may 2011 > 8/17 > Strength/Justice

Can you have the courage to be fair and just when faced with injustice?
Can you rise to Freedoms call with out defense?

Remember when the family had road-trips and it was beyond the boredom level of your little person self to sit for more than 10 minute: Ants in you pants, all wiggly and impatient, driving the rest of your family crazy with your endless babble? And if you didn’t have to beg to pull over to go pee, which some of us had to, you asked that one little question over and over.
“Are we there yet?”
Decades later, I still wonder, “Are we there yet?” And….”Where is there?”


I’ve gotten there many times
I’ve been over there just as many
I see it over there,
by God it’s right there in front of me

There is always more.
There ya have it friends.
There it is again
If it’s right there why am I askin’

Am I there yet?

I’ll get there sooner or later
I’ll be there in a minute
I wish I was there already
There is no time limit

Over there, under there
There is more left to do
There you have it
There ya go
then I ask it

Am I there yet?

Will I get there soon?
Will you be joining me there?
There is where the heart is
right in there next to you.

There will be another chance
There is endless time
There is more when it seems empty
Right there will be just fine

Am I there yet?

God know I wanna be
There is what I want
I’m there if you want me
I was there all along.

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