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28 may 2011 > 10/1/19 > Wheel Of Fortune

Around and around it goes… Sometime at the top and sometimes… who knows
sometimes at the bottom and that’s the way it goes.
What do you notice in your life that you feel fortunate about?
Where do you stand in the circle of life?

Oh… is it still grey out there? Why… hell yes it is. Shocking, startling. I’m not sure how to act.

And the Wheel of life keeps on turning. Around and up and down.
and then again. I’m on the carousel of life, riding the painted pony.


It’s your birthday on this rainy day
Gemini girls want out to play
Doesn’t matter the weather’s display
Cause it’s your birthday and that’s OK.

yippee yippee ki yayah

The smile of youth is on your face
Years have not left a trace
of a life denied of grace
You know how to find the silly place

Cause if you don’t when the world is grim
Gemini calls out her favorite twin
The one that deletes the negative and the dim
Twirls her dervish, mischievous grin

Looks for the goodness, looks for the fun
Will not be daunted, faded, undone
The twins have a way to capture the Sun
Oh…look out here they come

Happy Birthday.

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