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                  How do you give lustre to your life?  

                     How do you commune with your instincts?

                           Can you trust your heart’s voice?



The Big Lake Michigan calls to me.  I’m blocks away from it.  It rains, and drizzles detouring my ‘lust’ to get there.  And.. my lust will rise above the drab and dank of the morning and I will make my way to the beach later.     Umbrella in hand if necessary.  




Smell gives rise to memory

Fills you up with sand and water

waves and sun, yesterday

and tomorrow

Scamps through your body. 


Messages of long ago speak

In the flood of lost days

Tumbling over each other

To get to each other


The air around you

Ripens the stories with

Inhales of sweetness

Longing, sorrow, joy

Laughter, love.


There is no place within you

that is not filled with this breath.

YOu hunger for the sweetness

the love

You anguish in the longing

the sorrow


The scent washes you,

drowns you

scolds you

punishes your dreaming

lays you tender in loves want

caresses the soul’s quest

holds you to whisper’s sweetness


Smell gives rise to all your memories

Breathe in the wonder of what you


Breathe in the flavors of life’s


Breathe in the colors of wishes and


Breathe in and smell the life of you



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