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30 may 2011 > 12/21/3 > The Hanged One

Today…Can you look for a new perspective in your life?
Can you relax within what ever is going on
and just be, without doing anything?

I saw my first Bollywood movie, other than SlumDog. It was fun!!!!REally entertaining. Colorful, great music, that crazy, wonderful dancing. I was feeling
the joy. A line from one of the songs jumped off of the screen for me that I have to use to day. Not because I have any idea in this moment where it will go,or what poem will rise in the next moments … I just liked it.


Wander my heart
Find the passage that
   gives you flight.
Pulse to the bird’s song
Soar loves landscape
Taste passions fruit
Sail vulnerability’s sea
Even away you are here
     with me

Wander my heart
    find home where you are
Chant with the heart of others
Weep with their grieving
Celebrate their giving
Laugh with their foolishness
Share in their life pulse
You are connected
Even away you are here
    with me.

Rove and weave my heart
Be free to give of yourself
The dance of life is for your
For your sorrow
For your longing
For your connection
For your celebration
For your Gratitude
For your love
For your Joy
For your wanderings
     to find yourself
    in all that Is.
     Sharing the beat
    the pulse
    the rhythm
    of life everlasting.

Right here… with me.


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