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The last day of May. From torrential down pours to sweltering heat, Mother Nature has her way with us. She wins in all her Earthly glory. I’m not a heat person. I work to let humidity be my friend. I wish to avoid AC… it becomes my friend in this weather. Friendships can be fickle, can’t they?
What I like about it is, that my hair gets really curly.

31 may 2011 > 13/4/0 > Death/Emperor/Fool

Take a look around/within you, What needs letting go of?
How will you ‘make space’ for what gives you joy?
How will you transform the order of your life?


Eyes closed, breath even
The welcome mat is laid out
The call has been given

Trust frees you

Stay with the waiting
Let it fill you up
It comes in perfect timing

Faith holds you

You’ve smelt the rose
You’ve drank from the cup
All of you is exposed

Inspiration feeds you

Eyes closed, breath even
To wait
To fill
To smell
To drink
To be exposed
To sense
To believe

Trust Faith’s Inspiration


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