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This poem is inspired by a prompt from my creativity coach teacher, Jill Badonsky.  It doesn’t feel finished as many of my poems here aren’t and it is my dreamer’s vision held lightly in these words.

We were asked to write about who we would like to be if we could imagine ourselves to be anyone .  I believe her a mythical character, a traveler through space and timelessness, who find herself here on Earth.

If you could be anyone, who would you be????




I came to walk this land in intention

There is redemption in my wake

I am Loves call. I am the face of kindness

Intent to fill the spaces, the places in peaceful resolution

Show the solutions to your fearful heart


Kindness is my sceptre held before me

I dream it’s goodness in a dervish dance

What is chance but the blessing of possibilities

Laid on the altar of your life’s wholeness

Joy is your boldness, Love is all you need


War can not survive my breath

Violence quakes to stillness in my passing

Corruption dissolves to goodness

Humanity trembles away the hateful heart


Differences are met without fear

Fear lets light caress her darkness

Darkness comes to know her light

The fright of yesterday finds joy in the new dawn


I am she who reminds you of your wonder

that what is under your fear is love

Reminds you of your goodness

Reminds you that you are they and they are you

and you are all together forever


I walk the land as loving kindness

I am your finest self 

I am your grand reflection

I am the you you dreamt into being

I am holding your hand



30 june 2011  > 13/4/0 >  Death/emperor/Fool


What needs you to let it go?

How is your ‘castle’ holding up these days?

Can you do it sacred?



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LIMERICKS… yes… really

I decided to play with some Limerick

After all, word play is my schtick

You might be entertained

With this little game

have fun and see if they click




There was this lady from Lones

She had a way of throwing out her bones

With gestures of metaphor thought

She wrapped them in possibilities a lot

This Lady grew hazy in that zone



There once was this guy from Maples

He had charms, was willing and able

To cast out a golden thread

woe a wily woman to bed

This guy was a spy from Staples


There was this woman quite clever

it was said she was quite the be-deviler

She brewed in her cauldron

A potion of bones, smiles, and citron

And fed it to all the good fellers


She gave a limerick a shot

After all they’re funny as snot

If snot were funny

she’d jump like a bunny

and run in front of cars a lot




29 june 2011  > 21/12/3  >  Universe/hanged one/empress


What can you do to get a new perspective on things?

Are you in charge of your life?

What is it that brews in you that needs you to take action on?



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MOON n’ SUN rap

28  june  2011  > 20/11/2 >  judgement/adjustment/priestess


 What do you need to assess that you have been putting off?

Can you be OK without it being perfect?

Is it possible that you need counsel for your next step?



Dang… am I glad yesterday was a day for me, cause it sure went better than the last few.  

Tomorrow is a New Moon, a dark moon.  So step out in the clear night and see alllll those glorious stars in their night sky cloak.  Inhale that big beauty and imagine  what you might wish to renew in your life.  Maybe you have an idea that needs a seed planted out there in the world: Plant it, nurture it along, feed it.  It just might grow into something wonderful for you.




I inhaled the dark Moon

I was a ballon takin’ up some room

zoomed me out to the sea

so I could see you from up here


All busy and full of unrest

it’s not a test to be the best

of you down there all busy

in a tizzy to hurry up and get there


And where is there any way

is there any play in your day

cause my stare of you down there

all scared from up here in the air 


Darlin’ Sweetie breathe in the Sun

fill up on some fun ease the gloom

Shine on my Moon lets swoon

on our way out to the night and day


See it clear from here

no fear to rise and shine sincere

when you breathe and leave

behind the tizzy and busy


We’re a match me n’ you

Us two in the groove on the move

Sun fun, Moon swoon

Who knew.  I’m all Full now.



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27  june  2011  >  19/10/1  >  Sun/wheel of fortune/Magician 


What magic in your life can you conjure up that will make life just right?

Do you need to get off of that wheel that just keeps you spinin’ in circles?

Can you just take a few moments today and let the Sun shine on your face?



The numbers have brought me to ‘my day’. Well how about that.  Like it hasn’t already been all about me.

Geeezer.  So… when you add up your birthday…   like you see above:  you keep reducing it till you get to a single number, thus, today is a ‘1’ day.     Get it?  So… if your birthday were say…. 

                  24 August  1955.. you’d do this..  2+4+8+1+9+5+5  = 34 = 3+4 = 7  Charioteer

 And what does all if it mean and does it matter?  Your birthday is considered you ‘life card’, your souls quest in this life.  Believing it does not matter, just let the questions stir ya up a bit and seep into this days thoughts and feeling….  or not.



When the Elements have their way


 I grabbed a bit air on my way out the door

the floor said take me too 

What would I do with a little flooring?


I said OK.  I walk on her everyday

and by the way the faucet said 

your water is dripping fix it


I’m not even out the door with my air

dare I mention a little chip of flooring

and the water is being very needy


All the lights go out and I can’t see a thing

I wing it, take a big breath, sink into the flooring

pull out my flash light and check under the sink


Water is everywhere, she’s like that

Floor lays there liking all the moisture

And the lights refuse to shine onto anything


Air fills up all the little spaces everywhere

He shares his sentiment of distain for the Lights

Floor seems to handle the lay of the land just fine


Water is happy to just have her feelings

I’m reeling from all this elemental chaos

I gather air in my lungs and let him fill me up


The lights go on and I can see it all very clearly

I feel nearly ready to leave the house and face the world

another big inhale, a little chip of floor, a bottle of water

and… a rising Sun.  


Life is good.




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til’ dust

26  june 2011  > 18/9  >  Moon/Hermit


What calls you to feel deeply and give of yourself?

What way does the Sun, the light of you, show the Moon, the mood of you?

Is it a time for you to pull the pieces of a project, a relationship, together and see what it is?



I’m feeling the roll of dedication to those who insight/in-sight my writer’s muse.  Tho’ I may not claim your 

name here, you know who you are.  And I thank you for calling my words out of my heart on to these pages.





Once Lover sweet sister now

kind one, heart on tender bough

caught to the winds of life unfolding

leaves showing there greenest greener


No matter what the scene be


tough the journey to self’s glory

held to witness all those stories

between the Sun and Earth

your worth shines in Moon lit shadows


Nothing is ever fallow


your guitar it sings so sweetly

when you give to the song completely

be yourself no matter what

be sure to Cut away the miscellaneous


It can be so ridiculously heinous 


love found us a gift forever

lucky us in the sweet of never

ever lose our hearts connection

our protection is sealed til dust


with love… 


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25 june 2011  >  8/17  >  Justice/adjustment/ Star


How do you act as a conduit for your spirituality and bringing it fully into your life?

How do you bring fairness into what seems an unfair situation?

Can you be vulnerable to yourself?



I would share with you what rolled on to my bedside journal at 4:55 this morning if it made sense.  I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to challenge your brain cells with my angst.


I will give you the just a few lines.. Ready?


Empty crept up

Nobody home opened the door

filling up with that and more


Of this n’ that of books and words

of little things that needed friends

Displayed together without end.



SEE… what’s up with that?  Angst about having a LOT of crap to deal with coupled with heart palpitations. Was it unpleasant gas?   I told you it was likely ‘TMI’.   Al-righty then… moving right along.  Sippy the coffee.







22 feb 1946  > 17/8 >   The Star/Adjustment/Justice…..see above questions


It’s your lucky day and 

you know who you are.

How far does that get ya?


A conduit between heaven n’ earth

held to vulnerabilities call

the raw of it alters the senses


Abundant gifts lay at your altar

Living in the balance, 

On the lance point of nothing for everything


The great Illusion is matter’s dissolve

If first the re-solve caress the tender

renders the ab-soul-lute longing


When nothing matters it all matters

It’s a matter of perspective

respective choice has it’s consequences


The temple is a conduit

a vehicle that graces the earth

with the worth of the heavens



                      Sly said 


Everybody is a star

Who can rain, chase the dust away

Everybody wants to shine

Ooh, come out on a cloudy day

‘Til the sun that loves you proud

When the system tries to bring you down

Every hand to shine tonight

You don’t need darkness to do what you think is right


Ba pa-pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba, 

ba-pa ba-pa ba ba, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh


Everybody is a star

I can feel it when you shine on me

I love you for who you are

Not the one you feel you need to be

Ever catch a falling star

Ain’t no stopping ’til it’s in the ground

Everybody is a star

One big circle going round and round


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welll…if you’re reading this…i take it all back.  I am not going to blog my tarot writings.  nope.. not gonna happen.  I will being doing what I have been doing.  flows better.  AND.. I will hide the other writing from you, for now… till tomorrow morning

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“7” and the TOWER

24 june 2011  >  7/16  >  chariot/tower


What do you need to focus on right now?

How can you stay connected to the very foundation of yourself?

How best can you spend some alone, introspective time?


NOTICE:  If you read the below, you will know what my poetry will be about for at least the next 21 days, maybe 71 days.   I still will be ‘free falling’ into mornings words, giving myself to whatever my muse calls to me in the moment…..


I have thought many many times that I would gather my words and speak to the stories of the Tarot.  So, I will via using the daily number and the associated tarot card.  


For me, everywhere I look is a snapshot of life: a story that holds a moment, a story that holds me to my impressions, my perceptions, to my desires, my family, whatever it is that grazes at my senses, steps into my view in my mind, my heart, my world… is one story after another.  


The Tarot cards are 72 images, that hold the archetypes of most of the stories around and within us.   They speak to the very elemental relationships of life:  earth, fire, air, water, and spirit.   They have been used to tell fortunes, to shift perceptions, to speak to the dead, to understand the great beyond, to consider a moment;  they are many things to those of us that find beauty and challenges in them.


I DO NOt… use them for telling the future or your fortune.   That is for you to discover.  What I do do, is use them to remind me of my moment, center me, ground me, reconsider a story I have going on that does Not serve my life.   Sometime… we need a tool that reminds us that the story that we have going on about ourselves is distorted, lacks goodness, and doesn’t serve our greater purpose.  Whatever that is.  I believe the Tarot is a tool that can help and support the journey of ‘re-storing’ our story to a clearer picture or who we are and what wondrous beings we are meant to be.





THE TOWER                                                                                    “7”


Rules of foundation                                                      Inspired creation investigates

Square, solid, built to last                                      associates with the powers observation

built to hold your family,                                         keen to assess with perfection’s eyes

your work, your institutions,                                       Held sure to intuitions flow

built to protect 

                                                                            introverted seer, Called to quiet explorations 

Rules of foundation                                           gathers endless resources, fills the the pot

Order, structure, form,                                            of knowing, lays wisdom in fine lines

A plan, an idea, a business                                                    for others to read

The call for expansion

And up the floors go,                                                     Swings with prevailing winds

Up for more space, more rooms,                   Calls the spirit of introspection to her altar 

more growth,                                                                   gives focus a higher meaning

More.                                                                                 Call her from her hiding place.


More distance from the base

the ground floor, the welcome mat

More distance to get to the top

Where we are told IT’S at.

The place to get to.  That place

that was built up and up to get to

to where IT’S at.  Up there.


The Tower climbs

The foundation settles

what is known at the top 

is lost to those that give the welcome

What is known at the welcome

is lost to those that claim top gun.


The foundation is always the stronghold

no matter what towers above it.

Hold strong to your foundation

Lofty thinking has it’s down fall.


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23 june 2011  >  6/15 >    Lovers/Devil


 Todays numbers 6/15 , that correspond to the Tarot story, speak to Love and the Devil.  It may seem that they are incompatible, that the devil and love have an oil and water relationship.  IMO… to hold Love in a dual/polar world, you will be faced with the bedevilment, the challenge, the trick of the devil to consider :

“Is this Love?”  Is this heart of mine pulsing to the beat of love or is it a trick of feelings, of mesmerizing, of illusions enchantments; fleeting as the sun rise?  And… does it matter?  Is it not sufficient to feel and give love for it’s own sake?  What is a little bedevilment when love calls you to the table of life to eat of her bounty?  And so what if love is not returned as you desire?  What did you expect?

If the devil made you do it, then take responsibility for it.  Give of your heart for the sake of the hearts song?


Can you lay yourself on the altar of Love and know that you probably held the hand of the Devil on your way there?  What if you just loved that little devil?






                   Within the darkness

               A shiver of light gives heart

            Does not the moon love her night?


                     Willingly given

                vulnerable to loves night

                          sacred unity


                    black velvet my robe

               shelters  all my nakedness

                    opens to your heart


                      Devilment begin

                romp in my enchanted woods

                   lay down this woman



                     Love is wonderment

                Licks away the tremble fear

                     Take all of me now



                    Dive into my sea

                See me as I am to thee

                    Bait me to your love


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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **
* ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** yikes * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

yep.. the days are getting shorter. I KNOW. Summer does that. It does not mean you inner light in anyway diminishes. As a matter of interest, you might look to that light as one that expands and acts as a beacon to others. I KNOW… doesn’t that make you want to break into song?
You light up my life, you give me hooooopppe to carry ooooon… you light up my Daaaays and fill my Liiiife withhhh….. OK OK.. I’ll stop.

This is an experiment of Haiku. It follows the 5/7/5 thing and… it doesn’t follow the nature rules. I break the rules..


Grace came for dinner
It was a pot luck to share
We all felt lucky

She brought friends with her
Generosity, Kindness
We gobbled them up

Trust was a lil late
We knew she’d come, she promised
Her dessert rocked it

Honesty laughed loud
Truth was so hilarious
Dinner was magic

Night came starry eyed
Hugs and kisses all around
Till next time my friends



22 july 2011 > 5/14 > hierophant/art

What keeps you stuck in the box of your life?
What will you do creatively to make that box more interesting?
Did you know that you have everything you need to be all of who you are?

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