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stretch and yawn… sip the caffeine.  Sure, green tea is better and … I hold to the ‘so what’ of it and let the brew slide on through.  Inhale the morning, exhale the night’s rest, rally the moment to give a little here.  A new month of my jabber and poetic

scintillation.  Oh …just settle in and be entertained.


1 june 2011  >  11/20/2  > Adjustment/justice


                       How will you adjust your attitude today?

                  What does fair and just mean to you? 

                        Can you forgive an old pain?




Stories are long and tall

Made up by a history

Stretched out for the telling

Held in esteemed for safe keeping


Stories are short and wide

Made up in an instant

Stretched out in the imagination

Held to a moment of false truth


Stories are rhyme and verse

Made up for heart’s rhythm

Stretched out in a mystery

Held to longing’s cadence


Stories are novel and flash

Made up for reason’s need

Stretched out for expression’s want

Held to untamable desire


Stories are everywhere,

in everything

all the time






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