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Chaos has theory… here is one… followed by GeGI Chaos theory. you choose

“Although chaos is often thought to refer to randomness and lack of order, it is more accurate to think of it as an apparent randomness that results from complex systems and interactions among systems. According to James Gleick, author of Chaos : Making a New Science , chaos theory is “a revolution not of technology, like the laser revolution or the computer revolution, but a revolution of ideas. This revolution began with a set of ideas having to do with disorder in nature: from turbulence in fluids, to the erratic flows of epidemics, to the arrhythmic writhing of a human heart in the moments before death. It has continued with an even broader set of ideas that might be better classified under the rubric of complexity.”

Pandora’s Butterfly

I launched a big exhale
     it changed Everything
I was quick on the retrieval
I sucked in as much air
as my lungs could gather
     I was too late.
The Everything was changed
Set free on the glittered wings of Chaos

I felt like Pandora’s butterfly.

I knew there was still Hope
It was at the heart of me
    the sparkle of me
    the open chrysalis of me
I was cracked open
   exposed, splayed
    out for your viewing
Writhing bits of starlight
A cosmos of wonder
I set loose Everything else.
It draped the Earth in dark and light

I hold the wings of Hope in my inhale
The beat of my heart pounds at my breath
I am only breathing, I am only living

Hope howls herself out of me
    Screams and turns
    ecstatic waves of joy
   tumbling rolls of rapture
   prisms of celestial firework
Freed to the dark and lightness

She changes Everything


3 june 2011 > 4/13/0 > Emperor/Death/Fool

What will you let go of today that doesn’t serve your life?
Can you create better boundaries for yourself?
Can you do it scared?


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